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January 23, 2020
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PHP Internship in Udaipur

Php internship

PHP is today’s one of the most popular server-side scripting languages for websites. Instead of manually writing HTML files, web developers have program PHP to automatically generate them. If you want to do PHP Internship in Udaipur, then you can consider attending best and high quality Basic and Core PHP Internship provided by Udaipur Web Designer, which is a dedicated and highly intellectual Advanced PHP Training Internship which offers all the necessary expertise required from the candidate to perform Web Development using PHP language. Udaipur Web Designer is the best website development company in Udaipur which provides a PHP internship in Udaipur.

Udaipur Web Designer has designed industry-specific and Job-oriented PHP Training Internship for fresher college students and working professionals who want to enter into the Web Development field and enhance their current expertise to become a knowledgeable and highly demanding PHP Developer.

Our PHP Internship in Udaipur involves hands-on experience. We encourage every candidate to practically conduct each topic to urge real-world insights into the PHP scenario. This practice of comprehensive internship allows a candidate to gain all the concepts and skills effectively and to apply on their field of work later efficiently.

Unit 1: Introduction To PHP

  • What is PHP?
  • History of PHP
  • Usage of PHP
  • Advantage of using PHP

Unit 2: Server Management

  • Configure PHP Installation
  • Some Basic settings
  • More about the directory structure
  • Details about different types of a server

Unit 3: PHP Basics

  • The PHP Character Set
  • Constants / Variables
  • Keywords & Data Type
  • PHP Structure and Syntax
  • Passing Variable between Pages

Unit 4: Expressions and Their Types

  • Using if-else & Foreach statement
  • Operators
  • Date function format
  • File Include
  • Use of Functions
  • Array – Associated and Numeric Array
  • Sorting Arrays
  • Alternates to the echo command
  • way to use Javascript and CSS.

Unit 5: Form Elements

  • Working with Text box
  • Password, Select Box
  • Check box
  • Radio button
  • Multiple List Box
  • Text Area
  • File Upload, Page Redirect
  • Form Validations

Unit 6: File Operations

  • Opening and Shutting Files
  • FileModes
  • PHP Functions for FILE handling
  • Reading a file
  • Dynamically create and Read a file

Unit 7: CSS Management

  • CSS Basics
  • Application of CSS with HTML
  • Types of CSS with examples

Unit 8: Javascript Management

  • Variables
  • Array Declaration
  • Loop, Statements, InnerHTML,Math functions, Events, Javascript validations,
  • Using PHP with Javascript
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