The SEO Benefits Of Ad Retargeting In Google Adwords In 2017 Udaipur Web Designer | Web Design Company In Jodhpur
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The SEO Benefits Of Ad Retargeting in Google Adwords in 2017 Udaipur Web Designer

Businesses have come a long way from local ads to sophisticated online marketing and using their Web presence to funnel in customers. SEO has been one of the main tools to do this and with these latest emerging techniques such as Ad retargeting; businesses are drastically improving their conversion rates and their inbound marketing campaign ROI.

What is Retargeting?

Ad Retargeting is a new technique that offers a wonderful opportunity for businesses that provide a new angle to the online marketing campaign and help reach the targeted demographic with pinpoint accuracy. Businesses utilize retargeting in their Ad campaigns to see significant enhancements in every measurable metric there is in marketing. This form of online advertising helps you keep your brand ahead of the bounced traffic after they leave your website. Statistics shows that only 2% of the online traffic converts after the first visit, hence retargeting helps businesses in acquiring the 98% users who don’t convert in one go.

How Does Retargeting Work?

The cookie-based technology of Retargeting uses JavaScript code to “follow” you targeted audiences anonymously over the web. Speaking in technical terms, you place a code or a pixel on your website which is unnoticed by the visitors and does not affect the performance of your website. Every time a user visits your website, this code places a cookie in the browser of the user anonymously. Later when the visitor leaves your website and visits another, this cookie will display ads from your website on the different websites which ensures. This ensures that your ads are being viewed only by the people who have previously visited your website.

Benefits of Retargeting

Creates Brand Awareness:

Retargeting your ads creates a significant amount of brand awareness among the people who are searching for the specific content related to your website and business. As the previous visitors of your website view the retargeted ads on other websites, it makes them conscious of your web awareness as well as brand presence.

Reaching Customers At The Right Time:

Let’s say for instance that you sell TVs online and a prospective buyer visits your websites and then move on to another to make a purchase from there. When the buyer is almost ready to make the purchase from the other websites and view your retargeted ads on their websites, it may persuade them to buy from your website instead. This routes not only traffic but also real time customers to your business. It keeps your brand on the top of the mind of the users so even if you missed the first opportunity to convert the user, they may just come back to your website for another purchase.

With the easy evaluation of the ROI from the retargeting campaign, you get all the important statistics you need to find out whether you should keep the campaign going or no. Although the benefits of adding ad retargeting to you marketing campaign is an important tool, for an effective strategy you need content marketing, Adwords and targeted display of ads to work inefficiently in sync.

Statistics reports that an effective marketing strategy with ad retargeting showed 16% conversion after the users visited the website. This was much higher than the 3% conversion rate after Ad retargeting that lacked proper segmentation and targeted marketing campaign.

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